Editing services

We edit your paper for the style and clarity expected by scientific journals. We also check the basics, such as spelling, punctuation and grammar. We are always careful not to change the scientific content of your article, so if we are at all unsure, we will leave a comment with one or more suggested edits.

We use track changes when editing your document, so all edits are easily visible.

We can format the document to match the format required by the journal you intend on submitting it to (there is an extra charge for this).

How to send your manuscript

You can email your manuscript to dave@geoediting.co.uk. If your paper includes several large figures, it is sometimes easier to send the figures in a separate document.

How long does it take?

Two turnaround times are offered: 5 business days, or 10 business days. Normal business days are Monday to Friday.


The cost of editing your manuscript depends on the word count (see our current prices). The reference list, and any large tables of numbers, are not included in the word count. You can pay by bank transfer or by PayPal after your manuscript has been edited. Full payment details will be included on the invoice we send when we return your manuscript. Please send your manuscript to us by email (dave@geoediting.co.uk) if you would like a quote.

Revised manuscripts

If you would like us to edit the revised version of a manuscript that we have previously edited, please highlight the sections that have been revised then you only need to pay for these sections, and not the whole manuscript.


This is very important to us - we will never disclose the contents of your manuscript to third parties.